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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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think staffs recommendation limiting it days to 90 especially for single-family homes those are my thoughts i'm supportive in trying to get something done we're not going to control the situation until we have protective in place >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you all for testifying unfortunately, we've got to get out of here by 8 i've render this room to a family from germany so thank you. i think it's helpful to hear from folks on all sides of the issue i agree with commissioner sugaya it's moved and it's not going to stop if we do do anything that
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will continue to happen people like this form of, you know, visiting and staying in place i've used it myself in turkey i don't also do it but it's useful. i applaud supervisor chiu. taking this on its easy to duck or punted open this or move on or wait until we get it perfect it's important we start collecting revenue and start rektd so 3 things global one to generate revenue and tax it and i think that's important which isn't part of the ordinance but b and b is working on that and prohibit units from being permanent taken off the market
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and entire units being used for b and b or short time rentals and the limit of 90 days the key whereby enforcement and to limit it global so it doesn't have a big impact on neighborhood character that's my lens. so the issues that came up i have a question for staff is the single-family remedy there's confusion as to whether you know it applies to single-family >> we wanted to make it specific. >> to have the same rules applies that applies to a
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condominium or other units would be important i support that recommendation. the other issue that came up a little bit was kind of and this is a bit technical why in the admin code why not have the accessory use >> i believe we didn't exactly spell that out but that's our intention to put that in the planning code and all likely hallowed a use to residential units that's the most logical way. >> okay. and i think that makes sense >> if i may add that coincides with our recommendation that the planning department be the reenforcement agency. >> that's important. the issue came up about sro and the inclusionary units in-law
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units do you have an opinion on >> the issue of inclusionary units didn't come up but certainly it was important to get to the discussion and voerz are regulated under the audiominute code in section 41 and would not be covered through under this they're not allowed to had had roenldz and scott is shaking his head. >> that's par important that sro's are not included i have two views of the sro's people that go on vacation and want to rent out their place that's not a problem it didn't matter but i get the point that was raised about inclusionary units i don't know write staples necessarily. >> yeah. i mean just because in
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their inclusionary housing unit they shouldn't be able to rent their home and inclusionary units they own the unit. >> it's important that sro's are called out and that's classified then the hosted versus non-hosted and supervisor chiu's doesn't have a limit on the non hosted number but had limits on the non hosted and the staff is recommending limits on both be the same. i think there should be limitations on the hosted i don't know if it's the second 90 days or one hundred 80 days feels better based on the testimony we want to promote that kind of one room units in a house you know where someone has moved out and their using that periodically i think it's hard
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to enforce that's hard to kind of figure out who's hosting and not hosting in this >> our gig concern because it's ambiguous it allows anyone to operate a bed-and-breakfast without controls 94 right now you can operate a bed-and-breakfast in neighborhood by needed a conditional use they could do that and put a conditional use and get a conditional use to operate with less than 5 rooms increase an avenue for that already. >> i think maybe there's a cap on the number of rooms you also can get kind of. >> it depends on the zoning district the planning commission unanimously approved the project on interrestraining order nope as a s b and b and had 5
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bedrooms been operating illegal but they had full neighborhood support. this feels differently where their kids are gone i mean, i get it they can do that but providing an off affordable housing to do that i wouldn't consider some of the testimony u to here they certainly could take that and do it rooms to skirt the process autonomy a number of limits on the number of days but the size that can't be more than 2 rooms in a home and portland audio think a week ago only touched single-family homes on the other hand, sthoerp
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grasp el with that, too >> that's an interesting concept. the last issue i think is a major one is reporting and enforcing so walk us though how you think this is going to work i want to rb and b my room the kids moved out i want to start doing this what would i get a permit >> well, we don't get a permit but sign up on a registry since pittsburgh it's more affordable housing after a accessory use you don't need a permit that indicates you're doing the service and set up a metabolism for the short term register to be a way to track, you know who
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is doing it and how many nights so we can insure their complying with the law. >> they'll file to be on the register that will appear on the property recommendation. >> all the permits in the city part of our recommendation to have this appear under the list of permits in the city that for that property so even on commercial buildings miscellaneous permits and reroofing permits and electrical tare all assessable on our website and a. >> and searchable by address. >> yeah. >> it's important people are used to going to the information map and seeing that's been filed in their neighborhood i like that way of doing it so it shops but who is reporting how many
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nights, you know, they have had in their - >> our recommendation is for the hosting platforms to give us they're that information their responsibility we're not relying on the homeowner or the residents to do that. >> that's a recommendation. >> that's a recommendation. >> that's important that there is some i think enforcement is the key and difficult to but if you're reporting from the hosting playroom how many nights a certain unit is renting. >> we wouldn't make that available on to the website anything n that has a registry someone would request but we without the possibility of parole make it easily assessable. >> how do we know someone is renting without the permit that's a matter of matching the data from the hosting agencies
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with what's being recorded. >> right so one of the recommendations when you list a property you have to put your register number so when we had a spot check we can see if samoan self-have the registration number if they do we can try to correct that situation. >> i think it's key to get the data from the holocaust agencies or we're surfer their platforms who is doing it and not there's easy ways to figure out this if people are kwof it's important to get sorry one finally issue the landlord tenant how that works with landlords and tenants i imagine most current leases
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have is a new sub letting position i don't know if you check with the rent board would this fall if someone don't this for 10 over and over 14 days we - and know. i assume it if has a no leasing bus but that's a at large between the tenant and landlord and the planning department didn't get involved so in the landlord says no short term it's not covered >> the city didn't contract the position between the lessor and lessee so it didn't precede any of the restrictions their not enforceable by the city but by the private parties i want to
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clarify about the season ability of our website you can search by property and search by tenant name in terms of the information that's available that's something that be could be distrusted you see the description of the permit and the work a question about how much information is shown it's a standard condition of approval that you have a community liaison information maybe that's something that was not raise by public comment it's useful if someone has a complaint about someone you using a short term rental in their prompt they go to the website but i have concerns about contact information that's easily available that maybe something to consider but definitely about the information that is publicly available we can have discussions about. >> just back to the landlord
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tenant issue for a moment if someone goes to beginning and wants to file a kitchen remodel permit does that have tobacco the owner can a tenant file their own kitchen permit. >> there's a nuance to that have you a have the permission of the property owner and issues like the architect that can go and pull a permit there's nuances like a general statement it would be the property owner and the organization for the permit. >> okay. >> all right. i think most leases wouldn't allow that without the landlord permission it is throwing us back into the legal position of the landlord/tenant to the rent board or whoever is going to
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governor it is tricky issue. >> if they forged the document and whether or not we've responsible because we determined it's okay. i mean there's enforcement. >> but you don't know if the owner filed for that. >> well, i know we've been here a long time we can move this on with a recommendation i think your analysis has been great so i'm kind of prepared to discuss that more and move it on. >> okay. well, i think by the length of the comments of both commissioners that they've made i was prepared to move this on but there's so many hanging
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pieces i'm not sure if it's there i applaud supervisor chiu for taking this on its like grabbing spaghetti i think one speaker said we'll bin from the questions of sub leagues and we don't supersede the relationships but if someone happens on the insurance side who is libel let me go through my list that's almost 5 hours old so disruptive innovation trying to bring something to market? absolutely one of the reigns why b and b have done it
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successfully is a slipper in some cases but i want to be clear and get somewhere the i love the idea of the shared committee and shared space it was introduced to me in japan it's not new to san francisco or american america it's been around for thousands or years it can be a worrying down a trail someone would lease a room it's not absolutely brand new and spend the time and energy to try to solve this ii try to think about taxis cabs were in opposition of uber and i think about though to bring uber sidecar lifts into the city and work with taxicabs is a
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precursor how we appreciative this one. i had questions and frustration about the scope i don't mean at that pick on an approach but when i asked did question how many beds are being slept in toethd tonight versus the planning department did a study we have 33 hotel rooms maybe or noticing percent have slept in payroll 5 thousand immediately units how many are being slept in i've asked the question to several people and vanlt got it which leads me how honest and forthright are tell me going to be about reporting >> this points out 53 we have a shortage of hotels in san francisco. we're going to we've heard
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information about the expansion of muscone center hopefully, we'll approve that to expand our center but a hotel shortage my friends talk about the difference in rates but driving too. very interesting speaking about the 5 years ago i was part of the group we had a volunteer assessment by hotels to put the additional fund to help improve the muscone when i asked about it what about v b r o someone said it won't have transaction i bring it up here we are trying to set policy collectively we need to think about the next thing and try to cover our bases for the future we don't know
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what it is. landlords spent a lot of time screening their tenants for safety and credit reasons i feel strongly that landlords should have the consent or the notification of which of their tenants is during short term vacation rental that's fair to the landowner and a safety issue one speaker said she was opposed to a registry because she didn't want anyone seeing inside her apartment well, the landlord should have the same right s.p. if someone is coming out the building at 2:00 a.m. and how often it's a right and courtesy to property owners to san franciscans who reinvest in san francisco that's under what circumstances not cheap and forcing those who own properties
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a thin margin. good evening legal questions around insurance. and he think that the host while i really appreciate and think the stories are fascinating rb and b has saved lives that's great but they need to absorb and share some of the reasons if there's a trip and fall in the building you know that landlord is going to get a lawsuit i'm not a lawyer parking lot why i think this takes for serious look. and nate's that's not a knock its a really good attempt to try to grab a lot of things one
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piece. commissioner johnson >> thank you very much. >> madam chair can i respond to a couple of things. >> typically we don't we want to get the thought maybe a collective thought after we go through. >> okay. thank you very much. and thank you to everyone that made public comment that's been here for so long i love how my first 3 meetings have been fantastic a i agree with the commissioner i don't we'll be able to get through a decision and the daniel spaghetti how are we going to decouple rentals how you look at should we regulate single-family dwellings.
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so i think we hopefully maybe can respect supervisor chiu and his right to do with hits legislation it behoves us to get our ideas to come up with something. this is a list and hopefully it will be the first time and last time i've talked but i want to starter by saying that i definitely building that living unit are for living shared housing allows us to get to one hundred percent of housing units you can't force anyone to represent out a room if they don't want to this allows more utilitytion a couple of things i want to run down and i took notes so i can run with that. i think the privilege and also
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the responsibility of allowing the land use of a short time rental has to go with the owner and not tenant that means to an end the owners responsibility to register the property and make sure there's insurance company and if theirs current churns or insurance didn't cover it and changes in terms of the security get comfortable with the land use avenue their property it they want to designate it to the tenant to allow the tenant to had had listing i'm definitely supportive of the language we have so the tenants can take some of the rule on themselves including some of the revenue but at the end of the day i think that privilege and responsibility should go with the owner and the specific change if a modification we h have to amend the owner as it
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curling reads that's that's little owners responsible to register and it's their privilege and can designate it through the tenant. i'd also simplify the owners how we talk about how landlord tenants apply and that's neither here nor there if a private contract is a supersede the legislation so whatever the language people agree on that cover the short term rentals i don't know f that it should be the per view of the ordinance so is that private contract super seeds the legislation i want to talk about the hosting platforms and want to make a change self-i want to do a modification i
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think we have to define an approach we're checking that will help with enforcement people talk about the air b and b being the life-threatening rod but the commissioner talked about an approach facebook could be an approach or a twitter account we need to find ways to define what the university is and putting into the state of mind having to give up information and i completely agree with commissioner hillis the approach we have to have the list as part of the metabolism and that can change over time. the platforms are create the
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holocaust platforms the holocaust requirement in the groups permit in the current legislation that says points of platforms should be require to tell the hosts certain things and one thing if you're a host the hosting approach socy if someone stays in our place for thirty days or more they have tenant rights i don't get even though sense there's a shift from short term rentals 2 or 3 days or two or three weeks to someone being in our place and their effectively our roommate and the hosts need to be notified of that. i also think that in terms of insurance the ordinance should be clarified to say the oernsz is rigging insurance for short term rentals no problem not for
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the property this krafrz the universal that the insurance market that is the private market can come in with three weeks and there's demand so the insurance to private industry a they're to create a product it's clear we are rigging insurance for short term rentals so it makes it easier to say maybe i only have to create some sort of additional insurance product rather than reworking the terms of property insurance not accurate but that might clarify things for people. the next point a little bit controversial and i'll have two more, you know, i've heard a lot about rent control and inclusionary units and one of the controls is 0 somehow not
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allow people to collect more than they pay on rent control in a month that's hard to enforce and present issues as that relates to current rules so here's where i actually might suggest that we put a potentially some sort of moratorium on the ability to rent the b and b rent control apartments at least instill the year of the mayors goal on creating housing in 2020 or how to square up how rent control legislation can apply to short term registration i don't know we're going to come to a conclusion do i tonight but the
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it's messy to create legislation that is consistent with day one maybe that's potentially something and i kind of i feel like it's hard to enforce hosted rentals how do you know i think that might be hard to enforce i might consider would it be okay with decoupling with non-holocaust there's a cap but no limit on hosted that rentals there's no way to keep count why track it but i don't have a particular policy whatever we can keep track of and again i don't believe that a public registry should be completely public there's a way to track information without putting pele


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